Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Bearing with each other

One of the things I LOVE about Derby is that it gives me people to talk to about bearings. Mr. Nitro, bless him, would get a glazed over look when I wanted to talk about skates and skate maintenance. Right after my first time at Fresh Meat practice, we talked about wheels and bearings and I thought, "Ahhhhh.... these are my people."

I never played a sport, let alone a team sport, before joining the Rockford Rage. I never had sports equipment to care about. The fact that I now regularly change my wheels still blows my mind.

Back to bearings... I figure there are two main camps about bearing care: You clean 'em or you replace 'em.  I have tried cleaning my bearings, and there are multiple YouTube vids about how to do this. Pretty sure I didn't do it right and/or my bearings were beyond cleaning. I now replace mine every year.  It fits my lifestyle (lazy).

What do YOU do about bearings?


James said...

I skate constantly but hav't changed my bearings in two years. I use bones reds, pretty sure they're almost completely thrashed. The wheels seem to have more effect right now. What kind of bears do you use?

Nitro Krycerin said...

I treated myself to Bones Swiss bearings late last year, and I couldn't be happier with them. I skate a ton outside, so whenever I get a new set, I recycle bearings down the line. Actually, I think I have Reds in everything but my main set of wheels. I buy a new set of bearings every year for sure.